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Read our recommended tips and tricks when it comes to plumbing and HVAC. Learn best practices to expand the lifespan of your systems and preventative steps that should be taken to catch major issues before it’s too late!

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Where Is Your Water Shut Off?

If you do not know the answer to this question, we highly recommend you learn it. Knowing where your water shut-off is located is important for any home or business owner in case of an emergency. Locate and note both the main water shut-off and isolation shut-off for individual fixtures and equipment. 

Whether you do your maintenance or you have a company like ours to check your equipment once or twice a year, it is highly recommended to keep up with the regular maintenance of your plumbing or HVAC systems in order to prolong the lifespan and help prevent emergencies. 

Read your manufacturer’s handbook and follow the instructions on the type of filter and how often to change that filter. This is a simple and important part of taking care of your system.

Garbage disposals and toilets are not the all-in-one solution to flushing things away that some people believe them to be. It is important to know your plumbing system’s limitations and what should and shouldn’t be disposed of through it. 

For toilets, we recommend using toilet paper only.

For garbage disposals, it is recommended to stick to soft or liquid foods to increase their lifespan.

Pay attention to your pipes, lines, and faucets for slow drips or leaks. If you do not see any leaks, one thing to watch for is your water bill. If you’re seeing an unexpected hike in the water bill, this means water is going somewhere and if you don’t see it, it could be a hidden leak. 

Some system controls are powered by batteries. Change the batteries regularly. Batteries dying is a common cause of your cooling or heating system quitting without notice and there are no obvious issues.

When a new HVAC or Plumbing System is installed, warranty details are provided to the property owner. It is very important to register the new equipment for warranty and know what your warranties cover.

Most minor things involving plumbing or HVAC can be handled by the property owner, however, if you encounter an issue above your skill set or knowledge, don’t try to do it yourself. More times than not, it will make the problem worse. Give us a call and we can diagnose the issue with you.

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