HVAC is the abbreviation used by residential and commercial projects to summarize the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that need maintenance, repair, or new installations. It covers the complete home or commercial building comfort system used to heat and cool areas, as well as opportunities to upgrade indoor air quality. 

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HVAC System Services

Residential HVAC Systems

What are residential HVAC systems and how do they differ from other HVAC systems?

Residential HVAC systems are primarily installed in homes to maintain and control indoor temperature. Residential systems utilize a closed-loop refrigerant system that typically consists of two separate units, the indoor evaporator and the outdoor compressor. 

Deciding which system is best for your home or rental investment property can be a lot to handle and if the wrong system is chosen it could result in poor climate control or shortening the HVAC system’s lifespan. Top things to consider before deciding on a residential HVAC system:

  • Size of home 
  • Ductwork or Ductless
  • Efficiency Goals
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • HVAC System Lifespan

Commercial HVAC Systems

Choose the best equipment and the best team to maintain that equipment for your business.

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of any building, the commercial HVAC system must accommodate the workplace with good air quality, humidity, and climate control for safe work environments, comfort, and increased productivity. If the wrong system is installed or improperly maintained it could lead to health hazards.

The top things to consider when it comes to a commercial HVAC system: 


One of the most obvious differences between a residential versus a commercial HVAC system is the size. Because buildings are typically bigger and require a company to keep the building’s climate comfortable year-round, the system must be large and powerful enough to handle the amount of usage and size of space it maintains.


Because commercial buildings require more than the standard residential HVAC system, the complexity and knowledge needed to install different systems in a variety of different types of industries is needed. The number of employees, customers coming in and out of the building, continuous use of the system, additional parts, and functionality are all things that must be taken into account when it comes to commercial HVAC systems.


Many residential HVAC systems can be self-maintained up to a point unless some major repairs are needed. When it comes to commercial HVAC systems because of their regulations, size, and complexity, they will need a maintenance team to check in regularly to make sure systems are running properly. Some counties and states may require scheduled inspections. It is important to have a reliable company that knows the ins and outs of any commercial system. 

If you are a home or business owner in need of professional residential or commercial HVAC services in Mesa County, the team at Coppersmith Plumbing & HVAC has technicians who specialize in all aspects of HVAC systems. 

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