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Covid-19 update

Dear Customers:

Over the past two weeks we have had several calls and inquiries about if we are still working, if we are still doing service calls, if we are still planning to start up coolers in the spring, and other concerns our community has about available services and the maintenance of their homes. 


Rest assured we are still here and plan to continue servicing our customers for as long as we are permitted.  We are taking full precautions within our organization to make sure our employees are informed and following all of the proper procedures for the safety of our employees, the crews they work with, and the customers whose homes we come into.  Our employees are equipped with the proper equipment if you have special concerns or needs and they are ready to comply with requests to wear gloves, masks, or shoe covers when entering a home or on a jobsite.

We pray for the safety and health of all of our customers, employees, and the families of all in our community.  We realize these are very stressful times for everyone. As we are facing some of the toughest times we have known in our day just know that we are all in this together.  With the strength of all of us working together we will come through this with grace and be more thankful for all that we have and for each other.  God Bless. 

Below is a list of helpful resources:

Safe Drinking Water: With so many in crises and essential supplies running low, in some areas bottled water is hard to come by.  Reverse Osmosis is a sensible and cost effective alternative that provides safe drinking water on tap.  For more information on installing a system in your home please contact us or Click here

Protecting your home: With all of the tough issues we are all facing daily now, the las thing you need is to have to deal with a major home emergency.  Click here for some helpful tips on how to prevent or be ready for and emergency situation in your home.  

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